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Welcome to Dhanwantari Old Age Care Center

Old Age Care Center care means Nursing care of terminally ill patients where quantity of life is not in our hand but definitely we can improve quality of life.

Dhanwantari Old Age Care Center has been started with an intention of not only caring terminally ill patients who are in the last stage of life, but with a noble approach for bed ridden citizens where along with longevity of life, quality of life is also focused.

Why need of such Center

There are large no.of families who are unfortunately having bed ridden family member in them. Taking care of such patients is really a task for them, Sometimes the problem may get aggrevated due to following reasons.

Main Reasons
Small size residences.
Both husband & wife are working.
Children's Exams

Other Reasons
Sometimes on certain occasions all family members have to attend a function together, then taking care of bed ridden family member at home becomes difficult. Private nursing services at home are beyond financial capacities of the family. Here Dhanwantari Old Age Care Center comes to your help where you have an option of keeping bed ridden patients under our care services from minimum 1 day to one month or onwards. Dhanwantari Old Age Care Center helps you by taking care of your bedridden family member at affordable cost in a completely friendly & family atmosphere.

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Our Everyday Care for You. You can't always be there but We Can. Get Help Caring for Your Loved One. We make a Difference in your lives

Our Services

  • Dietician service : A complete food plan is taken into a consideration after consulting with dietician .No extra cost is incurred for this.
  • Role of Physiotherapist : On request physiotherapist are available at very affordable cost. Normal excersises will be taken care by our attending staff.
  • Time duration : The benefit of our centre services can be taken from minimum 1 day to one month or onwards.
  • We provide Home cooked food to all our patients which is hygienically prepared.
  • Care Bed are available if Patient Requires.
  • We have trained staff who can take care of wound ulcers, administration of drugs & medicines as per physicians advice.
  • Facilities for I.V. Administration, Catheterization, Sponge Bath ect are available.
  • Eye Care, Oral Care and Personal Hygine is Maintained.
  • On request expert Doctors opinion can be arranged.
  • All above things are done in a totally friendly & family atmosphere.

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